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IC Cold Links: Duke Takes Over The Indiana Pacers And Indianapolis

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Maybe this is the distraction we've all been waiting for to help the Indiana Pacers finally tank at the end of the season. But, in typical Pacers fashion, this will probably only motivate them even more to win tonight against the playoff-bound Miami Heat.

It's all about the Final Four team Duke Blue Devils at the Fieldhouse right now -- at least for three Pacers players. Mike Dunleavy, Dahntay Jones and Josh McRoberts are the party hosts for all things Duke this weekend in Indy. The three former Duke stars will be in the stands at Lucas Oil Stadium, while also becoming the go-to guys for post-game parties and their homes will also host a plethora of fellow Duke alumni. If you're a Duke-hater, stay away from these guys.

Other Duke brethren making the trip to join the three Pacers in their special seating section include at least Shane Battier and several other players are expected join. The Pacers have the benefit of being in Indy all weekend as they play host to the Heat tonight and the Rockets on Sunday.

Dunleavy told the IndyStar the following: "All the teams are playing really well, but I think it would really be exciting for the city and the NCAA to have a team like Butler in the finals against Duke. It couldn't have turned out better. It's a real exciting weekend for Duke, obviously, but for me, I'm real excited. We'll have a bunch of the old Duke guys sitting in the same section."

More links after the jump including another interview with Larry Bird and some previews of tonight's game.