NBA Draft 2010 -- Pacers

[From the FanPosts, MillerTime31 starts digging into the draft. -TL]

As the Pacers hold a 1.1% chance of landing the number one overall pick, odds are the Pacers will be drafting 10th. Let's take a look at some of the players who could be available who would help the Pacers out.

At the Tenth Pick

Power Forward:

Greg Monroe

Hassan Whiteside

Ed Davis

Ekpe Udoh

Patrick Patterson

Donatas Motiejunas

Shooting Guard:

Xavier Henry

Monroe would be quite a steal as the tenth pick. If he is available, I don't think there is any doubt that is who we should draft. Whiteside and Udoh have some upside, and Davis and Patterson are not as skilled as Monroe. And Motiejunas would just be another finesse Euro. You can make the argument for Whiteside, but I feel as if Monroe would mesh with Roy more due to his offensive skill set.

You can also make an interesting case for Xavier Henry. With a good deal of upside and athleticism, he could be a good long term SG. Just depends on how much the Pacers believe in Brandon Rush.

Larry Bird also mentioned they may look to trade up, or down. I feel as if trading up would be nearly impossible for the Pacers, considering the pieces they have that they're willing to move and their reluctance to accept bad contracts. I think it is unlikely that they trade down too, considering the lack of promising PF's in the late first round.

Let's not forget the Pacers do have a second round pick, and potentially another. That second second round pick belongs to Dallas. We'll get either this year's 2nd from them or next year's thanks to our Shawne William's trade. Here are a few players of interest that could be available then.

At the 40th Pick


Solomon Alabi


Craig Brackins

Jarvis Varnado


Armon Johnson

Greivis Vasquez

Willie Warren

Lots of speculation here, but it's really up to the Pacers to decide what direction they're going in. They're going to have to draft a Power Forward sometime in the draft. I think around tenth, there is a good number of potential solid NBA starters to choose from, so that is the direction I think they will go in. Especially considering this is very likely to be Jeff Foster and Troy Murphy's last season with the Pacers. I also think it is unlikely that the Pacers keep Solomon Jones another season due to the emergence of Josh McRoberts and the return of Tyler Hansbrough. In terms of the elusive search of a franchise PG, I really don't see one besides John Wall in this draft. A pretty decent PG/Combo guard could be found with their second round pick. I really don't see Earl Watson returning either. While he has been a solid contributor, I think it would be best considering how I want to see more of AJ Price.

So overall, I see a PF first round, PG/SG second round, and potentially another player, depending on Dallas' decision. It will really take another year until the Pacers look dramatically different, once Mike Dunleavy, Troy Murphy, Jeff Foster, TJ Ford, and Earl Watson are off the books, but this draft could be a step in the right direction.

Thanks for reading and please share your thoughts.