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IC Cold Links: Bird Speaks And Millions Of Media People Listen

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All it takes is a team threat, a losing season and press conference by a living legend and the Indiana Pacers are finally back on the front pages again.

After several months spent in the purgatory of a losing season in the doldrums of Winter, the Pacers have sprung back into the public's mind this week as the 32-50 season ended, the team threatened to move to another city and then Larry Bird held a press conference yesterday to let everyone know that everything is just fine in PacerLand. It was the typical Frank Drebin "Nothing to see here" approach that Bird has taken for the past year. If you missed the press conference, Tom did a great job of summarizing the main points here.

I was particularly happy with Bird calling out Brandon Rush. After praising the work ethic of Danny Granger as the epitome of summer work ethic, Bird immediately turned to Rush and criticized him as someone who has a lot of work to do and someone they have to keep an eye on to make sure he does it.

I also enjoyed Indy Star columnist Bob Kravitz mentioning Shawne Williams twice (Kravitz may have a Ray Finkle-esque room set aside in his house for his anti-Shawne Williams memorabilia) and that Bird recognized this team would never contend anywhere without another Granger or two.

Well the Pacers are relevant again in Indianapolis at least for today. Lots of links after the jump.