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IC Cold Links: Pacers And Wizards Did Themselves No Good In The End

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Don't worry, I didn't lose any sleep last night over the Pacers late-game implosion and loss to the Wizards. I am still shaking my head at how the last two minutes went down, though.

I'm assuming Jim O'Brien was going all out for the win at the end and wanted to put the game in his best players' hands, even though he would freely admit a win last night was irrelevant.

Plus, his didn't leave the game in his best offensive players' hands, at least the best on this night. Yes, Danny Granger should shoot for the win at the buzzer, no problem with the final call. But Roy Hibbert watching the game go down in flames was ridiculous.

The main point of my consternation is that this was a prime opportunity to see what Hibbert could do with the game on the line. A perfect chance to give him some experience in closing out a game. Regardless of whether he would succeed or fail, the experience would be good for the developing big.

On his last touch before leaving the game, he made a solid move in the post to get a nice little jump hook which was just a touch long. He was able to get himself those shots all night and in the end the Pacers just needed one more to go in. But, the opportunity was missed just like the five jumpers Roy's teammates missed to close the game.

OK, done shaking my head. After the jump, a few more links from the close of the season.