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IC Cold Links: Another Losing Season Guaranteed In The Books

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No surprises here. Another loss and another losing season. Both coincided last night when the Pacers dropped a 122-114 effort against the Nuggets to seal the team's fourth-straight losing season.

The 42nd loss of the year secured the franchise that it is only one more step away from tying the team-record of five-straight losing seasons, set twice early in the team's NBA lifespan (1975-80, 1981-86). Great times in Pacers land.

Let's get right to the links after the jump. Wash out last night's game with a helping of the Suns tonight in Phoenix. It's sure to be a good time for all.

  • AP Story
  • Box Score
  • Recap
  • Pacers again assured of losing record
    Mike Wells writes about the Pacers securing their fourth straight losing season.
  • PACERS: Inside the Game: Nuggets 122, Pacers 114
    Bruno's Inside the Game report has all of the numbers, notes, quotes and highlights.
  • | Pacers Insider Blog
    Wells uses his blog post to use some quotes that were featured in his Notebook from last night (which only appears in today's print edition of the IndyStar). It features some comments from O'Brien talking about the possibility that Tyler Hansbrough is suffering from a concussion, while also noting that T.J. Ford earned the starting spot over Earl Watson last night. 
  • Karl praises bench after easy victory
    The Denver Post examines the "easy" victory over an overmatched Pacers squad. As much as I love seeing so much sympathy from opposing teams about our plight, after reading these stories for 42 losses this season, they're starting to get old.
  • As expected... (Nuggets/Pacers recap) - Denver Stiffs
    The Denver Stiffs recaps the game from the Nuggets perspective. Here are their thoughts on coach Jim O'Brien: "The Pacers have some (emphasis on some) talent, but O'Brien is out of his league trying to coach this team. Given that all of the Pacers core players are due to be paid next season, too, the Pacers should fire O'Brien now, bring in Avery Johnson and develop a more intense, defensive mentality in Indianapolis. Until this team takes playing NBA basketball seriously, they're going nowhere anytime soon." Amen.
  • Game #62 Preview – Gonna Lose
    Eight Points, Nine Seconds previewed last night's game by predicting a loss.
  • Phoenix Suns get back on track with easy win over Indiana Pacers
    The Pacers are the stepping stone for teams to get back on the winning track. The Suns will attempt to do that tonight.