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Indy Cornrows Bracket Challenge Update: Someone Has To Win

The Indy Cornrows NCAA Tournament pick 'em on Yahoo! Sports goes into Final Four weekend with two remaining contenders for the title.

Levy2725 leads the pack heading into the semis thanks to having Duke and West Virginia in his Final Four. Should West Virginia beat Duke on Saturday, levy2725 will lock down the win.

If Duke wins, then Pacer84 (also with Duke and WVA in the Final Four) will slide up and take the win.

Personally, I thought I had this thing wrapped up after the first round, but a funny thing happened along the way to my picks of Kansas and Kentucky in the Championship game. All of that chalk turned to dust.

Overall as a group, we were generally horrible which I think should be source of pride for the knowledgeable hoop minds around here. No one with any sense could've picked all of the upsets that infiltrated every round of the tournament.

Huge thanks to bleedingblueandgold for setting up the bracket challenge. Also, congrats and good luck to levy2725 and Pacer84 heading into the West Virginia vs. Duke game. I'll expect a victory FanPost I can promote to the top of the site.