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IC Cold Links: Pacers' Future Drawing Favorable Attention

Last week, Peter Vecsey explained how Wayne LeGarie, agent to several promininent NBA GMs and coaches, agitates behind the scenes to create better deals for his clients regardless of the impact on the actual team they are working for at the time. The latest mess he pinned on LeGarie was the sudden crumbling of goodwill in Portland between GM Kevin Pritchard and the team's president and ownership group.

Yesterday, Vecsey updated the story a bit with a brief note that involved the Pacers.

In the face of rampant reports that Blazers general manager Kevin Pritchard's contract will not be renewed, team owner Paul Allen's scrawny support (a two-paragraph press release saying, like everyone else, Pritchard would be evaluated at season's end) is hardly a surprise. Especially to agent Warren LeGarie, who targeted the Pacers quite some time ago as a landing place for his client despite Pritchard's employment with Portland and David Morway still working as GM in Indiana.

Forget LeGarie and Pritchard, I just find it exciting to see a report of smart, NBA decision-makers even considering the Pacers as a favorable destination. Larry Bird and Daivd Morway have another year under contract and how they use that year will make it crystal clear whether or not they should remain. Avoiding the LeGarie that Vecsey describes may be a better move for the long-term, but even if LeGarie is simply using the Pacers' situation as a pawn in his negotiations, making others look at that situation in a positive light is a good thing.

It just goes to show, that the rebuilding process, however painful, has set up a sound foundation to build on and the fallow Fieldhouse situation of the past couple of years is now fertile and ready for re-growth.

A few more links of interest from yesterday's loss after the jump.