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IC Cold Links: Pacers Show How Good They Can Be Too Late To Really Impress

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Why now?

That seems to be the first response after each of the Pacers recent stretch of five straight wins.  The impact of the wins and more importantly the good play with young players involved is certainly a positive step in the development of those players expected to be part of the future.

As reported in the Indy Star, Danny Granger is happy that he and his team have finally shown what they can do.

"I think we showed a type of resiliency we haven't shown throughout the season," Granger said. "We got down, but we didn't think we were going to lose. We kept playing and grinding it out. The next thing we knew, we were winning."
"It shows that we can do what we're capable of," Granger said. "We beat three playoff teams pretty bad. It shows the type of basketball we can play if we put our minds to it. We're just doing it a bit too late."

If two or three months is a bit too late, Granger hits it right on the head. Which leads us to the other side of the story which are the upside-down standings. The Pacers moved into sole possession of 9th place in the lottery standings, mere percentage points away from the L.A. Clippers in the 10th slot.

Unless the Pacers win out and Chicago completely folds, 10th is the lowest the Pacers can drop in the lottery standings.

After the jump, more links of interest from the win last night, including a Jazz fan turning to song after the loss.

Box score

AP game report

PACERS: Inside the Game: Pacers 122, Jazz 106
Bruno's Insid the Game reports has all of the notes, quotes, numbers and highlights.

Granger's 44 lifts Pacers to 5th in row
Mike Wells reports on the big comeback by the Pacers and huge game by Danny Granger.

Pacers swipe one from Jazz - Salt Lake Tribune
Ross Siler reports on how quickly the Pacers turned the Jazz visit from a win to a loss in the second half.

Presenting SLC Dunk's Second-Ever Recap in Song (Utah @ Indiana)
moni at SLC Dunk literally sings out (and she can sing) the frustration of the Jazz loss last night. Holy smokes!

Pacers Notebook: Young trio creates comeback energy for Pacers
Mike Wells reports on Hibbert, Price and McRoberts ingniting the Pacers comeback. Not only that, but JOB had positive words for all three after the game.

An impressive victory over a good team
The Pacers impressed Mike Wells from his court-side seat. I'd say Mighty Mike deserves to see some good basketball after all that he's sat through this season.

John Hollinger Notices Brandon Rush!
Tim Donahue at 8.9 offers up some thoughts on the latest detractors of Brandon Rush, which includes John Hollinger killing Rush just because he's been healthy enough all year to play the most minutes for the Pacers.

Danny Granger's bond with father helped him become NBA star
Ian Thomsen profiles Danny Granger and how his family literally came together both in his youth and after Hurricane Katrina and the impact it had on Granger.

NCAA run on '05 made Head Illini legend
Bruno's Caught In The Web taps into the March memories of Luther Head as he recalls his Illinois team's run to the NCAA championship.