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Pacers Facing Unfortunate Name Change For Conseco Fieldhouse

The IBJ reports that local insurance and financial company Conseco, Inc. is finalizing a name change to CNO Financial Group. Since the company owns the naming rights to the Pacers' home, Conseco Fieldhouse will soon be called the CNO Financial Group Fieldhouse. Doesn't exactly roll off the tongue. Naturally, references will be shortened to the CNO Fieldhouse.
This is an unfortunate turn of events for the Pacers and puts more pressure on the team to turn things around because with that new name, the punchlines write themselves.
CNO wins. CNO defense. CNO toughness. You get the idea.
Of course, there have been plenty of wins at the Fieldhouse lately, six in a row if you're counting, which makes another thing less likely for the future of the Fieldhouse.
CNO John Wall.