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IC Cold Links: The Pyramids, Kennedy Assassination And The Pacers

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It's become a crazy season for the Indiana Pacers. For five months, the team teetered on the brink of self-annihilation, slowly sinking to become one of the bottom four teams in the league as players, fans and coaches (especially coaches) wondered what the hell was going on with this team.

As the Pacers wrapped up their fourth win in five games last night against the Pistons, the confusion continues, now in a different direction. Why are they winning now? Don't they don't know it doesn't matter? Depending on tonight's results throughout the NBA, the Pacers could be eliminated from playoff contention after their game against the Wizards tonight. We shouldn't even be talking about playoff elimination at this point. This is the time for the John Wall Sweepstakes! But as Danny Granger regains last season's form, Brandon Rush drops the psycho act, Roy Hibbert avoids foul trouble and T.J. Ford sits on the bench, the Pacers are winning. Just a little late.

Troy Murphy tried to clear things up, only to make things even more befuddled. Murphy said, "There are some things you just can't understand. You can't understand the pyramids, the Kennedy assassination and the 2009-2010 Indiana Pacers." That sums it up.

What I do understand is that the Pacers are finally playing with a little chip on their collective shoulders as they've become recommitted to defense while taking advantage of the opposition's trend to "overlook" their game against the blue and gold. Granger actually becoming efficient on offense again as changed everything as well. Coach Jim O'Brien reiterated again Tuesday that he won't play players based on preparing for next year. It's still only about winning.

"We get paid to win," O'Brien said. "I'll play the guys I think give us the best chance of winning. Flat out and simple. There won't be any deviating from that."

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