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IC Cold Links: Ford Set To Return With Pacers Rolling

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This Indiana Pacers team has been a lot of things this season: depressed, underachievers, injured, offensive and defensive nightmares, etc. But now this team can add a "never-give-up" attitude to its list of attributes

As the Pacers rolled through the Thunder on Sunday, the blue and gold were led by fantastic play on both sides of the ball. Danny Granger, who came back early from a head injury to continue improving with teammates, led the team with a team-high 32 points and seven rebounds while shutting down Thunder star Kevin Durant (16 points). Now, another injured starter is set to return early to join the "let's kill our lottery hopes and future tour" as early as tomorrow.

"I'm making good progress and we'll see how it goes over the next few days," T.J. Ford said. "I'm feeling better each day."

Ford, who re-injured his groin 10 days ago, is completing on-the-court work and he's hopeful that he can return to the Pacers' bench in their matchup with Central Division bottom-feeder Pistons on Tuesday. He could also wait to return against another lottery-bound foe (Wizards) on Wednesday. Ford could either flow seamlessly into a thriving, fast-paced Pacers offense that is showing flashbacks to last year, or he could disrupt the cutting and movement that Earl Watson has developed so well in the past week.

Watson had eight assists and no turnovers in 29 minutes against the Thunder, giving him a total of 19 assists and only two turnovers in the past two games. Ford will also take away important minutes from rookie A.J. Price, who played 19 minutes yesterday.

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