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IC Cold Links: Granger Plans To Play All Out For Remaining Games

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Danny Granger's head injury is gone and passed, and the Indiana Pacers star is ready to finish out the season.

After missing just one game after taking an inadvertent elbow to his cheek during Tuesday's win at Charlotte, Granger returned last night to play 39 minutes, scoring 29 points, dishing six assists and nabbing three steals in a 106-102 win over the Pistons.

With the playoffs out-of-sight for the Pacers, it was thought that the team might shut their star down for a few weeks in order to help him rest and get completely healthy. But Granger isn't ready to quit yet. He wants to finish the season improving with his teammates.

"It's not my nature to sit out," Granger told the Indianapolis Star. "I think every game we play from here on out -- even though we're not making the playoffs -- it's a time to get better as individuals and as a team. You can only do that by playing, and if I'm healthy, I'm going to play."

When Granger suffered the injury he looked as though he had been shot on the court. After stumbling from baseline-to-baseline, he finally collapsed near the Pacers' bench where he was finally stood up and taken back to the locker room.

"I've been hit in the head a bunch of times but not to where I was all disoriented," Granger said. "I was aware what was going on somewhat. I started walking and tried to straighten up, but it wasn't happening. I was sore in the face. I thought I had fractured a bone in my face, but it was all good. Thank goodness there wasn't anything wrong with my eye."

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