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Granger To Miss Tonight's Game Against Rolling Cavs

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The scoreboard seemingly said the Indiana Pacers should celebrate a surprising, uplifting 99-94 win over the playoff-bound Charlotte Bobcats on Tuesday. But it's hard to celebrate the win when two big losses came from the event.

Not only did the victory cost the Pacers another spot in the John Wall Sweepstakes (moving them to the No. 5 spot in the worst-record race, going a 1/2 game behind the Wizards), but it also cost them their star Danny Granger in the final minute with an injury, which remains unknown in its severity. The Granger injury, which he suffered when taking an inadvertent elbow to the cheek with less than a minute remaining in the game, will be evaluated today. When Granger suffered the injury, it looked as though he had been shot. After keeling over while attempting to make his way back to the bench, Granger finally toppled over near teammates while looking woozy and distraught. He was barely able to make it back to the locker room while being held up by teammates and coaches. Poor Dick Harter looked helpless while trying to lumber Granger's limp body to the back.

Granger's injury could have major repercussions on the Pacers' lottery chances. He will miss tonight's game on the road in Cleveland, according to coach Jim O'Brien. Dahntay Jones recalled the injury to the Indianapolis Star's Mike Wells: "Everything was moving so fast that I didn't see what happened with Danny. Nobody really knows (what happened). I guess he went for the rebound and I guess he got hit somewhere."

Granger led the charge during last night's win, leading the team with 26 points (on a lousy 9-of-25 shooting performance), but he also had a team-high five turnovers. Without Granger, the Pacers could crumble (most likely) or somehow, someway find the missing energy and determination to pull out a few gutsy wins without their star.

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