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IC Cold Links: Stephen Jackson's Return To Fieldhouse With Bobcats Tonight No Big Deal

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Much maligned former Pacer, Stephen Jacksonis back in action tonight at the Fieldhouse when his hot Charlotte Bobcats take on the Pacers. Is this still a big deal?

One reason I always liked Stephen Jackson was because, while he was in fact a knucklehead at times, he was a self-aware knucklehead. He was always willing to face the music for his transgressions and try to move on. While Jamaal Tinsley seemed surly and apathetic to his image, Jack was always earnest in his attempts to make amends. Even as he revises his history with the Pacers in today's Star, his good intentions are no doubt genuine.

"I think people are not looking at the fact that I'm human and I make mistakes," Jackson said after the Bobcats' practice Monday. "I made two mistakes, but I haven't been in any trouble since."

Two mistakes? Those weren't mistakes, they were franchise altering events that helped crumble the foundation of a solid team. Of course I'll never complain about Jack's role at the Palace. After jumping into that fray, you might question his sanity but can't question whether he has his teammate's back at all times.

In reality, there were actually more than a few incidents that piled on the Palace/Club Rio "events" to sour Jack's stay in Indy. Most involve petty in-game technicals or mood swings along with untold beefs with Rick Carlisle. While Jack can certainly play the role of winner on the court, after awhile he fluctuated too often between winner and whiner. Even he admits he had to go. Face it, for all the talk of Jack being a winner, that's only when his head is right. When it's not, he has to go. Just ask Golden State.

Jack's already played several times at the Fieldhouse since parting ways with the Pacers and it seems like after the first couple of times he hasn't heard too much from the fans. I'm sure there will be a small faction of fans who will always boo Jack's appearance at the Fieldhouse, but really those past problems are now so far down the list of problems for the Pacers, why bother?

Besides, considering this is a mid-week game against the Bobcats there may not be enough fans capable of mounting a chorus of boos.

After the jump, more links of interest including NCAA bragging rights in the Pacers' locker  room and Bob Kravitz's pen becoming more powerful than the mic.