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IC Cold Links: Pacers Let Bucks Slip Through Trap In The Paint

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I could empathize with Jim O'Brien a little bit during the Pacers loss to the Bucks yesterday afternoon. Early in the first quarter my laptop experienced a little malware attack that had me wasting my time for an hour or so cleaning up the mess.

For JOB, his team's "malware" attack was around the rim in the first half. The Pacers struggled to keep the Bucks off the glas and ended up getting outscored in the paint 40-20 for the game. 23 of Milwaukee's points came courtesy of second chances on the offensive glass early in the game. By the time the Pacers cleaned things up in the second half and made a late run, they didn't have enough to complete the comeback.

So the Bucks breathe a sigh of relief and move on surviving what coach Scott Skiles called a "trap game" for his team. Sound familiar doesn't it? During the West Coast swing, each team the Pacers played made some reference to a trap game, which in reality is a tidy little euphemism for a coach to use instead of saying, "I have to find something to motivate my players to play hard against the Pacers."

With five weeks remaining in the season, we'll see if the Pacers can actually trap one of these teams down the stretch.

After the jump, more links of interest from the loss yesterday.