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IC Cold Links: Granger Appeals One-Game Suspension

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Any time you lose nearly $110,338 because of a measly one-game suspension, you've got to do something about it. I wouldn't know this from personal experience, but if you do, then you feel the pain of Indiana Pacers star Danny Granger.

After getting into a tussle with the Phoenix Suns last week, the NBA delivered Granger a one-game suspension for allegedly throwing a punch during the skirmish. It cost Granger a "small" part of his $9.9 million salary, while also costing him a game on the court (and it also cost the Pacers another loss toward Lottery Heaven, allowing the players to open up the court and play well in a win against the 76ers). Granger isn't backing down to the NBA, however.

"I didn't throw a punch at anybody, I pushed," Granger said. "We've already started the appeal process. I have no idea how long the appeal process will take, but we're doing it because I know I didn't throw a punch. I was very surprised when I was told about it."

Granger was in the middle of the action during the fight when he came to back-up teammate Earl Watson, who was hit in the back of the head by Channing Frye. Granger went after Frye, who then threw a punch at Granger. The NBA interpreted Granger's next move as a punch, but it could also be interpreted as an aggressive push. Whatever. Give Granger his money back so we can move on. Hopefully, he'll donate his winnings to charity instead of building a second Bat Cave at his house.

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