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TMZ: Herb Simon Sued By Former Nanny, Driver

In the crazy world of sports and entertainment, TMZ has become a trusted source for head-shaking headlines. But when I saw a headline involving Indiana Pacers owner, Herb Simon pop-up in my email box this morning I was sure it was from The Onion.

"NBA Owner Accused of Screwing Pregnant Nanny" is how the headline reads, which is a pretty salacious description of what breaks down to a lawsuit over tha nanny's firing, not any literal screwing.

In a lawsuit filed yesterday in L.A. County Superior Court, Herb Simon and his Thai supermodel wife Bui are accused of firing Claudia Leite after she told her bosses she became pregnant last month.

In the suit, Leite claims the family "feared" that she would want to take a "brief or limited medical leave of absence" around the time the baby was due -- and according to Leite, that wasn't gonna cut it.

The story goes on to mention a former driver who is also suing the Simons after being let go. I just wonder why TMZ didn't double up on the innuendo in the headline and include the driver as part of a switch-hitting screw job. As it was, I inintially thought Simon was on his way to eclipsing anything Jamaal Tinsley or Stephen Jackson ever did to tarnish the franchise. In the end though, there's nothing to see here but a money grab (justified as it may be) by some former employees.