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IC Cold Links: Pacers' Wins A Little Strange These Days

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Having made peace with this season as a precursor to the NBA draft lottery, a win like the Pacers had last night against Philadelphia creates a strange, uneasy feeling.

I love seeing young players play well, like Brandon Rush and Roy Hibbert did last night, and obviously the Pacers are going to win a few games over the remainder of the season. If you looked at the remaining schedule, penciling in about six more wins would include Philly last night.

The Sixers were a mess and I thought the Pacers played well for big stretches of the game, yet it was still pretty close. Bob Cooney stated it well by saying the game had a "lottery pick" atmosphere instead of a "playoff-type" atmosphere.

So I wouldn't get too concerned about a meaningless winning streak messing up the team's lottery status. Besides, the "best" the Pacers will finish in the upside-down standings is fourth, maybe third. While every little bit helps, regardless of where you are in the lottery from say 3 to 7, you have to get lucky to land the top spot. Of course, that higher position helps in likely scenario that you don't win the top pick, but his win won't change much.

Even with the win, the Pacers remain tied for "fourth" with only road games against Boston and Milwaukee over the next six days. As Mike Wells mentions in his blog post today, there are plenty of losses left on the schedule so don't get nervous unless the Pacers beat the Celtics and Bucks.

After the jump, all the links from the win last night.