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IC Cold Links: Tyler Hansbrough Situation Continues To Get Worse

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It's the inner ear infection from Hell.

Indiana Pacers rookie Tyler Hansbrough is seeing his first season in the NBA flushed down the toilet thanks to an infection of which the Midwest has never seen before. It was announced on Friday that Hansbrough is no longer working out at all on the basketball court. He has been ordered by doctors to cease athletic activity for the time-being, effectively setting him back months in the midst of the season.

After coach Jim O'Brien originally said that he hoped that Hansbrough could return to action after the All-Star break, the Pacers coach rescinded those plans after the Pacers defeated the Pistons on Friday.

O'Brien told the Indianapolis Star the following:

"I do not know if we will have Tyler (after the All-Star break)," O'Brien said. "He's not working out at all. If he's able to come back and start working out, that's going to be important, because the fact that he's been told that he is not really allowed to move around, even one on none, is a real setback from the conditioning standpoint."

The ear infection has put up some pretty impressive numbers so far. It has caused Hansbrough to miss 17 of the past 21 games. Fun times for the Pacers first-round draft choice. For some happier news regarding the blue and gold, check out the links after the jump that cover last night's dominating performance against Detroit.