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IC Cold Links: Pacers Enter Dealing Crunch Time As Trade Deadline Approaches

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As of 3:00PM today, the NBA trade deadline will be exactly two weeks away. While watching a screening of "Winning Time" yesterday at the Fieldhouse, I could't help but wonder if Larry Bird and/or David Morway were upstairs working on a deal that might refreshen the air in the current locker room.

There's no doubt that the Pacers front office is actively engaged in the current trading season. The great unknown though, is if they can find a palatable deal or two to make before the deadline hits.

Since we've moved to crunch time in the NBA trading season, I recommend checking out this excellent break down of the trading deadline by Mike Prada over at SB Nation. If you want to speculate on potential trading partners and options for moving current Pacers, Mike's piece offers a handy assessment of every team. Often speculation about potential trades ends with whether or not the deal works in a trade tracker. Now you can include the perspective from the other side to evaluate if a possible deal makes sense for all parteis involved.

After the jump, a few more links of interest.

  • "Winning Time" fresh, frank and fun
    Bruno's latest Caught In The Webb offers his take on "Winning Time" from the perspective of someone who witnessed all of the events in person.
  • Film on Miller should comfort Pacers fans
    Mike Wells thinks "Winning Time" will be a nice diversion to help Pacers fans make it through this season.
  • Morning Shootaround: It's Development, Stupid
    The Detroit Pistson come to town on Friday in a similar staggering state as the Pacers. Matt Watson wonders if the current leadership of the organization can push them back to elite status in the East considering their poor track record in player development over the past few years.
  • Nets' immaturity wore on Harris
    Adrian Wojnarowski reports on Del Harris leaving a poor situation in New Jersey. On paper, the Nets suffering through all of these losses while trying to develop their young talent makes it appear worth it. But it sounds like there is problems with some of that young talent which makes it a mess. Woj also touches on the Murphy to Cleveland asking price from the Fieldhouse.