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IC Cold Links: Pacers Struggle To Overcome Any Slip In Play

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The Indiana Pacers continue looking for a way to play a complete game. Last night, the third quarter let down hurt them. The night before it was the first quarter. Some nights the offense generates nothing but perimeter shots that don't go in. Other nights the defense can't get a stop when the game is on the line.

Usually, all of the above contribute to losses in at least a little way and the team's thin margin for error can withstand the pressure. This current stretch of games against quality opponents really shines a light on the talent deficit the Pacers are playing with which forces them to play at a high level to even think about winning.

Milwaukee left last night very unhappy with their play, yet they carefully packed the W to take along with them anyway. Their fifth straight win without firing on all cylinders. That's when you know things are looking up. Things aren't looking up for the Pacers.

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