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IC Cold Links: Pacers Point-Blank Misses Keep Them On The Comeback

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The Pacers aren't the worst shooting team around the rim, but they looked like it last night, missing 20 of their 35 shot attempts at the rim.

Danny Granger and Brandon Rush combined to go 1-7 with a few of those coming early in the game which contributed to the Bulls pushing out to a big lead in the first quarter. Granger and Rush even combined for the difficult blown double, when Granger missed a heavily challenged fast break layup and then Rush was too strong with the folow.

For the season, the Pacers are shooting 57.7% at the rim which dips below the league average of 60.5%. But when shots at the rim are contested, I can't imagine any team shooting worse. Of course, that flashes my own bias since I've literally seen the bulk of those missed bunnies but it's gotten to the point that when the Pacers finishes a tough, contested shot at the rim, I'm pleasantly surprised. Still, in a 10-point loss like last night, missing out on a possible 40 points from around the rim can be maddening.

After the jump, plenty of links from the loss last night.