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Pacers Should Take Advantage Of Their Next Off-Day

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Tonight the Indiana Pacers complete a four-game road trip in Chicago, while simultaneously starting another stretch of three games in four days. After playing the Bulls tonight, the Pacers will slide home for a game tomorrow against Milwaukee and then on Saturday against Chicago again.

But that off-day on Friday offers a chance for the team and fans alike to find a little inspiration and motivation to help carry us all through the remainder of the season. The premier of "Winning Time: Reggie Miller vs. The New York Knicks" at Conseco Fieldhouse on Friday should be must viewing for all of the players not to mention any fans in the area.

The documentary by Dan Klores offers an emotional journey to the past and serves as an immensely entertaining reminder of why the Pacers are a passionate part of our lives. The outcome isn't always favorable but the journey makes it well worth the ride. Here's my brief review of the documentary.

Hopefully the current players see this movie to better understand the frenzied atmosphere they can play in if they put in the work make things better and carve out their own journey filled with goose bumps, severe pain and boundless joy.

Let me also implore anyone in or around the Indy area to make a $10 dollar charitable donation to join the premier at the Fieldhouse. You won't be disappointed.

After the jump, a few links of interest.

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    Mike Wells reports on the Pacers propensity to fall behind in the first half and then spend the rest of the game trying to come back.
  • Pacers' youth movement hasn't stalled
    Bruno's latest Caught In The Web focuses on the team's young players starting to see more minutes. That's true of Rush and Hibbert but I'd compare the rest of the young players to a cowbell. We need more cowbell!
  • PACERS: Scouting Report: Pacers at Chicago
    The preview for tonight mentions Danny Granger is listed as "indefinite" for the game. That's a new one. Sounds a tick worse than a game-time decision, although since this isn't injury related I guess Granger will either be there or not.
  • Noah must take it easy
    John Jackson reports on Chicago's Joakim Noah's desire to play despite dealing with plantar fasciitis which may not be a wise thing in the long term.
  • Big man Bender makes huge strides with small steps
    Steve Aschburner checks in with former Pacer, Jonathan Bender who has been able to stick on the Knicks roster this season.