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IC Cold Links: Pacers Finally Leave Opponent's Arena Happy With A Win

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It felt like the Indiana Pacers hadn't beaten a good team on the road in forever. Well, make that for nearly 25 games.

The Pacers finally ended a bad streak of 24 straight losses on the road to teams with a winning record last night in a 125-115 win in Houston. The very, very rare road victory left the team all smiles after the game, particularly over the way they won. With T.J. Ford and Danny Granger playing their hearts out to lead a comeback, grab the lead in the final minutes and hold off a potent Rockets' offense, the blue and gold had a lot to be happy about.

Granger, who had 36 points on 12-of-15 shooting, told the media the following: "It was a good win for us because it's no secret that we've been struggling," Granger said. "It was real good seeing T.J. looking like his old self out there."

Ford had a terrific game after nearly being dealt this week before the trade deadline. He finished with 23 points, including a final stretch-run when he dropped 16 of the team's final 20 points on the board. Ford and Granger combined for 24 points in the final quarter.

"That was a big win for our team," Ford said. "Hopefully it will lead to a bunch of wins for our team. We just can't continue to have the type of first half where put ourselves in a hole. I know my sweet spots and I know my favorite areas on the court, and once I get there, no matter who is there, I'm going to let it fly.  It was cool, but you have to give everybody credit. Earl set the tone in the second half by getting into Brooks and taking him out the game by being physical. We all paid attention to detail and that's how we got the win."

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