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IC Cold Links: Rush "Shocked" After Hearing Pacers Nearly Traded Him At Deadline

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The Brandon Rush emotional roller coaster may have just taken another nosedive.

The second-year shooting guard had no knowledge that he was on the trading block leading up this week's trade deadline. But Rush soon found out, after he was running late for the team flight, that his teammates were worried that he had been traded. It was only with 10 minutes to go before the trade deadline that Rush was safe and sound in his Indiana Pacers uniform again. Rush, along with teammate T.J. Ford, were nearly shipped to the Charlotte Bobcats for Gerald Henderson, Nazr Mohammed and D.J. Augustin. The deal fell through at the last minute.

The Indianapolis Star reported today that Rush was convincingly shaken up at the thought of being traded. In a 40-second conversation, reporter Mike Wells noted that Rush used the word "shocked" four times and was visibly upset.

"I was definitely more shocked than anything," Rush said. "I didn't see it coming. Nobody told me anything about being on the trade block. It was more of a shock. I know (I can get traded) down the road because it's part of basketball."

Rush stayed in his usual starting spot during Friday night's loss to New Orleans. He played 22 minutes, scored nine points and grabbed five rebounds.

While Rush struggled getting over the news of leaving Indianapolis, his teammate Ford took the entire scenario in stride. Check out Wells' story for some interesting quotes from Ford. Also hit the jump for all the usual game recap links.