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IC Cold Links: NBA Trade Deadline Dust Has Settled, Pacers Take On Hornets Tonight

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Mike Wells reportson the trade deadline excitement yesterday afternoon.

The Pacers thought they had a deal to send Ford and shooting guard Brandon Rush to the Charlotte Bobcats for point guard D.J. Augustin, swingman Gerald Henderson and center Nazr Mohammed.

About 10 minutes before the 3 p.m. deadline, the Bobcats called it off.

In the end, Bobcats ownership pulled the plug, haning onto two young players as well as Mohammed. As David Arnott at Rufus On Fire points out, maybe those in charge in Charlotte simply decided to hang onto their young talent instead of looking for a short-term boost with T.J. Ford only under contract for one more year. Plus, the Bobcats have some serious front court health issues and ended up picking up the well-travelled Theo Ratliff for a future second round pick.

After the jump, more links of interest and the latest episode of Pacers Crate.