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IC Cold Links: Pacers Expect NBA Trade Deadline To Pass, Everyone Board Plane For New Orleans

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The Indiana Pacers were looking for a great deal.  Now they're looking to finish out the season.

With the team ready to go to New Orleans today for the start of a four-game road trip, Jim O'Brien assumed there wouldn't be any new faces showing up at the team hotel tonight, expecting the 3PM trade deadline to quietly pass this afternoon.

"As much as every team in the league wants to do some things to improve your basketball team, it just seems that it's very difficult to make deals and everybody wants to improve their basketball team, but when we go to New Orleans, this will be the group we will have," O'Brien said prior to last night's game.

The Pacers were involved in talks with a few teams but eventually those teams found a better deal. Since the Pacers obviously weren't desperate to make a deal, they were looking to maximize their return. But in the case of Troy Murphy, he was never a top target so in the case of Cleveland they were able to land a preferable talent in Antawn Jamison for about what the Pacers were asking for Murphy. No surprise.

So now, barring a last-second surprise trade today, the Pacers will go into the offseason with a bushel of expiring contracts which will increase in value as the days pass over the summer and next season. How they flip those contracts to help the franchise will determine the fate of the franchise and it's current leadership for several years to come.

After the jump, several links from the loss last night.