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Pacers Talks With Cavaliers, Kings Appear Quiet With NBA Trade Deadline Looming

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On the eve of the NBA trading deadline, which hits at 3:00PM EST tomorrow afternoon, the trade rumors continue chugging along to the finish line.

The rumors involving the Indiana Pacers in general and Troy Murphy in particular have become faint, though. Today's links have plenty of updates but include scarce mention of the Pacers.

Cleveland appears focused on Amare Stoudemire and then Antawn Jamison for their power forward needs. Other reports have Corey Maggette and the third choice for the Cavs as a last resort should a deal for either Stoudemire or Jamison fail to materialize.

There are no updates out of Sacramento on their interest in Troy Murphy and Milwaukee has pulled away from negotiation, apparently over the Pacers refusal to take on Charlie Bell's contract which has two years remaining after this season. I imagine, there's a similar story in negotiations with the Kings and Beno Udrih's contract which is more onerous than Bell's with three  more years and about twice the money.

As much as I'd like to see a trade to shake things up, if the net result isn't an expiring contract, draft pick or cheap young talent then forget it. Take those expiring contracts into the summer or next season and see what happens. As much as I'd like to think otherwise, there is no quick fix coming unless the Cavs or Kings have a change of heart.

Of course, trades usually emerge from the Pacers after a period of silence when nothing appears to be brewing. With another day to go, there's still plenty of time for some trade noise.

After the jump, plenty of links about the Spus visit tonight and trade deadline chatter.