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Are The Pacers About To Hit The Wall?

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The Indiana Pacers emerge from the All-Star break at 18-34 with a schedule looming which might just suck any life out of the remainder of the season, putting the team in prime position for the John Wall lottery.

On Wednesday night, the San Antonio Spurs visit Conseco Fieldhouse to get the season going again. By San Antonio standards, the Spurs have been struggling of late, but they are still 30-21 and will surely be a player in the Western Conference playoffs. Needless to say, the Spurs will present plenty of problems for the Pacers.

After the Spurs leave town, the Pacers will follow close behind starting a stretch with eight of the next ten games on the road. They start with four roadies at New Orleans, Houston, Dallas and Chicago, then back at the Fieldhouse to play Milwaukee and Chicago before making their final West Coast swing.

That West Coast swing has the potential to hit the Pacers like a sledgehammer, starting with their annual game at the L.A. Lakers then moving on to play at Portland, Denver and Phoenix. Unlce!

How many wins can you pencil on for the next 11 games? Two, maybe three unless some crazy convergence of chemistry, defense and shooting touch improve drastically for the Pacer. Plus, throw in the possibility of a trade, which if one occurs will be done with the future in mind and not with the intent of helping the current team. Yep, this could be tough to endure. I just hope the young guys get some minutes and learn the tough lessons waiting for them out there on the road.

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