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No Pacers News Is Good News At All-Star Saturday Night

As the NBA All-Star Weekend attempted to excite and thrill on Saturday evening, the Indiana Pacers presence was no where to be found in gigantic stadium in Dallas, Texas. And maybe that was a good thing.

Except for the commentary from legend Reggie Miller, the Pacers logo, jersey, players and involvement in events such as Shooting Stars, the Three-Point Shootout and Dunk Contest was non-existent. But it was probably a smart move not to be involved in the Saturday night events this year as the Pacers try to regroup for any kind of a run during the second part of the season instead of wasting away in one of the lamest nights the event has ever seen.

The Saturday night of All-Star Weekend proved to be listless, boring and bare of any memorable moments. The night began with one of the worst games of H.O.R.S.E. known to mankind and it "culminated" with an uninteresting Dunk Contest that featured Nate Robinson securing the title for a third time during which Charles Barkley pleaded that no one should be allowed to win the trophy for such an unoriginal dunk contest. It led to the NBA commentators ending the evening by discussing where to place the tombstone for the event. The dunk contest has officially died.

Overall, this was one year when it was good that no Pacers were involved. For more on the amazing and super-entertaining action of last night (along with a big trade), check out the jump.