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IC Cold Links: Trade Talks Continue With Pacers Involved; All-Star Weekend Begins

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The latest trade rumors swirling around the NBA seem to always have Troy Murphy involved in some capacity. That hasn't ended with the All-Star Weekend upon us.

As goodlucksaturday noted in his fanpost this morning, the Cavaliers are still pushing for talks involving the Pacers power forward, but it's apparently taken a backseat to conversations involving Amar'e Stoudemire. According to the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, over the past few days the Cavs have had advanced talks with the Suns about Stoudemire. That doesn't mean the Cavs are neglecting their other targets. There are still long-term-target forwards Antawn Jamison and Murphy, but the Cavs are focusing on Stoudemire.

Brian Windhorst wrote, "The Cavs are believed to still have talks open with the Pacers for Murphy and the Wizards for Jamison, plus options for three-team deals. But sources indicated the Stoudemire talks were the most advanced."

Just like the Pacers, the Suns are apparently pulling strong for J.J. Hickson to be involved in any type of trade with the Cavs. Phoenix is suggested to have a leg up on the competition due to Cavs GM Danny Ferry and Suns GM Steve Kerr having a strong, long relationship that also brought together the Shaq deal this summer. The Plain-Dealer also noted that Jason Richardson is being added to the trade talks with hopes of dragging a third team into the mix.

More trade talks after the jump, along with some links from the first night of All-Star Weekend.