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Trade Talk: Kings' Interest In Murphy Reported

Sacramento Kings' beat writer, Sam Amick is keeping tabs on all of the trade rumors involving the Kings and has confirmed the team's interest in Troy Murphy is legit. Obviously, the Pacers are interested in the $8.5 millions expiring contract of Kenny Thomas, but a straight up deal between the two teams would require some more moving parts.

And while I had alluded to a possible three-team deal sending Kevin Martin to Dallas, Josh Howard and his $10.8 million expiring contract to Indiana and Murphy to Sacramento, I've been told that the Kings are pursuing a straight up deal centered around the expiring contract of Kenny Thomas ($8.5 million).

The Pacers reportedly want to shed themselves of Murphy's salary, and Thomas would almost do it on his own. He makes $11 million this season and nearly $12 million next season (the final one on his deal). Indiana would surely push to include at least one of the Kings' young prospects (Donte' Greene?) but the Kings may ask that they take on point guard Beno Udrih and his contract that runs through 2013 (player option in final season) and has a combined $21.7 million remaining after this season.

What do you think?