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Trade Talk: What Do The Milwaukee Bucks Have To Offer?

Most of the trade talk of late surrounding the Indiana Pacers has focused on Troy Murphy possibly going to Cleveland.  Obviously we've batted that topic around quite a bit here, so I'd like to look in a different direction.

Since Brian Windhorst mentioned that the Pacers are also rumored to be dealing with the Milwaukee Bucks and Sacramento Kings, I thought it would be worth focusing on Milwaukee for starters and trying to figure out which players might work in a deal for Murphy.

Fortunately, Brew Hoop has done the heavy lifting by narrowing down which players are available from Milwaukee. Essentially, it boils down to veteran forward Kurt Thomas, point guard Luke Ridnour, forward Hakim Warrick and second-year wing Joe Alexander.

After the jump, a little more on each player. Then let's make a deal.

I want to see your preferred deal if the Pacers were indeed able to work a trade with the Bucks. Remember the trade parts have come out (generally) even with regard to the salary cap numbers from both sides. So let's get the numbers on the table with the players, contract length and then the salary (Sham Sports) for each year remaining.

Troy Murphy -  2 years (2009-10 = $11,047,619  2010-11 = 11,968,253)


Kurt Thomas -  1 year (2009-10 = $3,800,000)

Luke Ridnour -  1 year (2009-10 = $6,500,000)

Hakim Warrick -  1 year (2009-10 =  $3,000,000)

Joe Alexander -  1 year (2009-10 =  $2,583,360)

Obviously, all of the above are enticing for the Pacers because of the expiring contracts, although it appears making the salaries work could be difficult. Ridnour would need to be in any deal, and then it would work. I know it is just for the remainder of the year but the Pacers would likely need to throw in another player. Travis Diener seems like a natural fit, going back home, but that would add more money to the Pacers side of things.

Both Ridnour and Thomas would be welcomed additions for some short-term leadership. Thomas would do Roy Hibbert, Solo Jones, Tyler Hansbrough and Josh McRoberts a ton of good with a fresh veteran perspective, especially with Jeff Fosterout for the season. Of course, Thomas would probably prefer joining a title contender instead of playing Father Flanagan for a group of young bigs.

Joe Alexander hasn't played in a game this year after a severe hamstring injury just prior to the start of the season had him on the shelf until late January. The Bucks sent him down to Fort Wayne to play in the D-League to get some minutes and work his body and game into shape. Obviously, the lottery pick hasn't panned out as expected.

But I want to know your thoughts on the what the Bucks have to offer. Any other Bucks you'd like to see in the deal? Do you think Milwaukee would be up for a shot at redemption by bringing back their former lottery pick, T.J. Ford?