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IC Cold Links: Pacers bigs dish it out, prepare for Andrew Bogut and the Bucks on Wednesday

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Nice win for the Pacers last night against the Toronto Raptors.  I think most of us expected this win, but you just can't be sure until you see the final score flash up on the scoreboard.  Pacers came out a bit cold but caught on fire and quickly distanced themselves from the Raptors.  One thing I noticed after looking at the box score was Josh McRoberts and Roy Hibbert both combined for 12 assists!  While our starting and backup PG combined for 7 (Darren Collison with 1).

I am not actually complaining about the PG assists numbers though.  The Pacers have two great passers in McBob and Hibbert down low.  One play I continually saw throughout the game was Hibbert or McRoberts (sometimes Solo as well) on the high post with the ball,  and then Mike Dunleavy, Danny Granger, Collison, T.J. Ford, Brandon Rush, etc. would quickly loop around them.  The defenders are then forced to choose which way to get around the screen and eventually something opens up.  I love this motion setup, but it doesn't work without bigs willing to zip a pass into the open cutting man.

What do you guys enjoy watching while the Pacers are on offense?  Hibbert down low? Granger driving?  Let me know in the comments what you most look forward to the most in JOB's offensive system...

After the jump check out a few links from yesterdays game and more...

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