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NBA CBA Negotiations Keep Bat Cave On Hold For Granger

During the 1998-99 NBA lockout Patrick Ewing said, "Sure, we make a lot of money, but we spend a lot, too."

Well, as the NBA heads into another contentious round of collective bargaining negotiations this summer, the players may want to use a new rallying cry: Save the bat cave!

On Friday afternoon, aboard the team bus after the Pacers' shoot-around in Phoenix, Danny Granger was a guest on The Jim Rome Show. After discussing LeBron James and the Pacers season to date, Rome asked Granger for an update on his plans to add a bat cave to his dream home in New Mexico. I don't have the direct quotes or link to the podcast because I don't feel the need to shell out the fee Rome charges, but I heard it so I can paraphrase the exchange.

Rome was wondering if the dream to build the bat cave was dead. On Granger's last update, the project was held up by red tape with the local authorities over usage of the surrounding land. According to Granger, those hurdles were cleared and the project was ready to move forward on his okay.

But Granger is no dummy and he wants to see how the CBA negotiations and eventual deal play out. He certainly doesn't want to tie up big chunks of cash in the bat cave construction if he's not going to be paid for a year.

While this is a humorous story on the surface, it does indicate the very real possibility of the nightmare scenario playing out if David Stern follows through with his plans to completely alter the players' agreement with the league. The fact that Granger quickly and casually mentioned the CBA ramifications as an issue, tells us the players have been advised to prepare for the worst.