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IC Cold Links: Pacers look to improve to 3-1 on their west coast trip against Steve Nash and the Phoenix Suns

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The Pacers will try to bounce back after a tough loss against the Utah Jazz.  So far this season, the Pacers are 3-1 in the second of back to back games, so in spite of the loss on Wednesday the Pacers have shown tremendous fight.

The Phoenix Suns will try to improve to one game over .500 while the Pacers will try to improve their record and remain above .500.  Darren Collison and TJ Ford will have their work cut out in trying to stop Steve Nash, while Brandon Rush and Danny Granger will probably share responsibility in chasing around Jason Richardson.

This should definitely be a fun one to watch tonight, but can the Pacers continue their improved defense against an offensive heavyweight?  Also, we need to watch the rebounding match up tonight....the Pacers struggled against the Jazz on the boards and need to get re-focused.

After the jump, check out the links of the day....Also, December 15th is rolling around (which is the date a lot of players can begin to be traded that were traded over the off-season), do you guys want to continue to see how this Pacers team unfolds or are you hoping for immediate help?? Let me know in the comments...