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IC Cold Links: Daniels overpowers other PG's, brings Celtics back

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The Pacers looked like a team that wanted to grind out a win for most of the game.  There were definitely ugly moments, but they wanted to play tough defense, hit just enough shots and come out on top with a victory.  Unfortunately, Marquis Daniels, Glen Davis and Paul Pierce showed up when it mattered most.

Former Pacer, Daniels really came up big last night taking advantage of match up problems.  Doc Rivers decided to go with Daniels as his point and had him take T.J. Ford and Darren Collison down in the post.  Daniels' size and creativity really showed up and created major match up issues.  As you will see in the links, Jim O'Brien was asked why he didn't bring someone else in.  His main response was, "I thought about it."  This seemed to be the major turning point in the game by giving them some momentum which turned things around quickly. 

So, what would you guys have done in that situation?  Would you have put Ford/Collison on Ray Allen and moved Rush/Dunleavy onto Daniels?  Or, put Mike Dunleavy in to run the point?  Or, something else?  Let me know your ideas and let's see what happens next time if that comes up later in the season....

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