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IC Cold Links: Pacers look to get back on track against Garnett, Pierce and Allen

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The Pacers sit two games below .500 and are looking for a spark across the board.  Luckily, they have the "old" Celtics trio of Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, and Paul Pierce.  All kidding aside, this seems like one of those games the Pacers come out of nowhere and hit on all cylinders.  Danny Granger will have to pick up his shot efficiency, while Roy Hibbert needs to have a huge game.

The Celtics are coming off their first loss in 15 games against the Orlando Magic last week, so they will be looking for vengeance.  It will be interesting to see who JOB starts at the 4 spot to take on Garnett.  I would imagine he would stick Jeff Foster in there to take on the big ticket all night.  And, who will be the back up PF?....It sure would be fun to watch Tyler Hansbrough and Glen Davis go after each other as the second units come in late in the first. 

This is the type of situation in which the Pacers would like to make a statement to the league but also to themselves.  They have Pacers fans cheering them on and will keep Conseco rocking!  I am calling the Pacers to come out flying and play aggressive, hard-nosed defense....what do you guys see happening in tonight's game against a very tough Boston Celtics team?

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