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IC Cold Links: While Snow Storm Blankets East Coast, Ice Storm Hits Conseco Fieldhouse

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Where is Roger Goodell when you need him?

Yesterday, the NFL postponed the Eagles vs. Vikings game in Philadelphia before any snow had fallen. If he'd known of the pending ice storm at Conseco Fieldhouse last night, maybe he would've stepped in and postponed the Indiana Pacers game against the Memphis Grizzlies because conditions were extreme and not conducive for winning.

The Pacers shot 35.6% from the field last night and yes many of those shots were contested and other were of the I-have-the-ball-there's-not-much-movement-on-offense-so-I-guess-I-better-shoot-it variety. But the Pacers were really chilly when they had the ball near the rim. A quick look at the breakdown by shot locations reveals if the Pacers were merely average last night on their shots at the rim or even combining shots at the rim and with in ten feet of the hoop, they would've been in position to win.

The Pacers average shooting 60.8% on shots at the rim (11.9 for 19.2 per game), but last night made just 12 of their 27 attempts with several layups rolling off the rim. Had they made just four more of those bunnies, they would've been closer to their season average and the eight points would've made for a much different game.

Combine at the rim with shots inside ten feet, which adds in five of Roy Hibbert's misses which were closer to three feet from the rim, and the Pacers were 15 for 36 (41.6%) again below their average of 17.7 for 31.1 (56.9%). Five more makes brings them up to average and back into the game.

The Pacers need to thaw out quickly before they start slipping down this ice flow. As Bruno noted after the game, this is the third game in their last six that the Pacers have shot below 36% from the field. Last year around this time, the Pacers went into a similar shooting funk that extended through several losses that didn't correct itself until the Spring thaw arrived too late.

There were more issues last season with injuries though, so hopefully the Pacers can shake off the shooting woes and at least return to an average shooting team on a consistent basis.

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