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Jeff Foster Grabs Hold Of Power Forward Spot For Indiana Pacers

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The youth and inexperience at the power forward position for the Indiana Pacers have led to inconsistent production and playing time from Josh McRoberts and Tyler Hansbrough.

It has also led to plenty of minutes for veteran wing player James Posey, not the type of player you think of immediately after someone says power forward.

Out of necessity in the past two games, backup veteran center Jeff Foster started in place of McRoberts and according to Mike Wells, has seized the starting spot at power forward for the time being. If you saw the past two games that should be no shock, especially the way Foster befuddled David West for much of the game against New Orleans, normally the type of power forward you'd think Foster would struggle to defend.

Jim O'Brien is looking for defense, rebounding and care for the ball from his regular power forwards (McRoberts, Hansbrough, Foster) while obviously looking for the three from Posey. Foster made an impact against New Orleans with his defense and rebounding, so it will be interesting to see how the playing rotation evolves, assuming Foster can stay healthy. McRoberts may be in the back of the line, but JOB is still working on that so we'll find out together.

"It's like power forward by committee," O'Brien said. "We try to bring Tyler along. James gives us a specialty. I can't play all four guys every game at power forward because you don't get into any kind of rhythm. I haven't figured it out yet."