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IC Cold Links: Brown out in Charlotte, would he return to Indy?

Not much going on in the world of links for the Pacers today.  So, I thought it would be a good time to get a nice little discussion going.  In light of Michael Jordan and Larry Brown "mutually" deciding to part ways, who would you like to see take place of Jim O'Brien?  JOB has had some good times this year, and has the Pacers sitting in a pretty good situation thus far.  However, he is not necessarily the most liked/respected coach around these parts right now.  So, if he is not the man to get the JOB done, let me know who you think would be a good fit?  Also, would you prefer to see him gone after the year or during the season?

After the jump check out the links of the day....then fill me in, who is the best fit for this Pacers' ball club?