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'Tis The Season: Larry Brown Out, Paul Silas In For Charlotte

The holiday season may not be the best time spread cheer for underachieving NBA teams, but it is a great time to make a coaching change. Considering underachieving teams rarely make the cut for the slate of Christmas games, those teams get more time off to give a little time for a new coach and players to adjust on the fly.

Michael Jordan and the Charlotte Bobcats did just that today, with the announcement that former Pacers coach, Larry Brown would be stepping down immediately with Paul Silas taking over for the remainder of the season.

I've heard and read comments and emails wondering if the Pacers might do the same thing with Jim O'Brien. The JOB-can-do-no-right crowd would like to make coaching changes a trend this week. Sorry, too late. Forget the fact that the Pacers are playing ahead of their expectations this season even if their record reflects that they aren't exceeding those expectations. Still, there is more buzz around the team and more people paying attention.

So even if Larry Bird was inclined to make a change, he would've done so immediately after Monday's thrilling win. The six-day break would be ideal for bringing in a new coach, but considering the Pacers practiced the past two days, JOB appears secure as Fort Knox.

Plus, the issues Larry Bird mentioned back in July still apply. There is enough unrest surrounding the team with the front office and coaching staff in the last year of their contracts combined with the potential labor problems in the upcoming summer to make any drastic moves this year interim at best. So as long as the Pacers stay in the playoff picture, Jim O'Brien is golden with the Pacers.

It should be interesting to see where Larry Brown ends up as he looks for his next reclamation project. Also, interesting that Jalen Rose couldn't help himself and had to take a shot on Twitter at his old coach who gave him more than a few DNP-CDs.