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IC Cold Links: Dunleavy tips in win, "Old Man" Foster provides spark

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What a game last night!  The Pacers desperately needed a game like that to get a little re-energized.  It would have been devastating to lose that game after dominating most of it.  The Pacers showed fight and didn't give up even after David West nailed his jump shot with only about 4 seconds left.  Dunleavy's tip was obviously the highlight of the game, but seeing the way Jeff Foster played was inspiring.

Jeff Foster has done so much for this organization, but hasn't had much opportunity to do much so far this season.  As he always does, he maintains his conditioning and was ready when called upon.  JOB said he wasn't real comfortable with Josh McRobert's health, so Foster got the start and played huge.  His defense was huge against West and provide key offensive rebounds and a sense of comfort out there for the younger players.  So, with this huge game, you have to ask...what should we expect the rest of the season from Foster?  Will he continue to provide a spark every once in a while and see spot minutes?  Will he lock down the starting PF position next to Roy Hibbbert?  Or, will he get locked into the rotation while taking away minutes from one of the younger guys?  Let me know where you see Jim O'Brien fitting in Foster over the course of the next few months...

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