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IC Cold Links: Can The Pacers Find Time For Hansbrough?

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Here are some leftover thoughts from yesterday's game while we wait to for the tip tonight against New Orleans:

  • I'm not advocating a starting role and 35 minutes per game for Tyler Hansbrough, but 12 to 20 minutes seems reasonable considering his recent appearances, brief as they may have been, have shown he's kept himself ready to play. And that play hasn't harmed the Pacers, in fact he's left the court with the Pacers in a better position than when he entered. I'm sure Josh McRoberts will be begging to return to the court tonight to maintain his spot in the playing rotation. Even so, the Pacers need to find some time on the court for Hansbrough.
  • I was involved in a few different holiday gatherings this weekend among friends and was surprised how often I was asked about Hansbrough and why he doesn't get a chance to play more. I was also surprised how many people mentioned a desire to attend a Pacers game for the first time in a few years.
  • Reading all of the reports on the game yesterday, it seems like Paul Pierce single-handedly put away the Pacers. While he was definitely leading them, the role players running alongside Pierce came up huge too. Namely, Big Baby Davis and Nate Robinson made several plays down the stretch that ruined the Pacers day for good.
  • Over the past couple of seasons, the third quarter has been a dicey proposition for the Pacers. Big leads and visions of wins have been known to fade away quickly, but this season the Pacers have put away wins with big third quarters and for the most part hung close even if they lost the quarter. For the season, the Pacers are +44 in third quarter according to my quick zip through the box scores. Take out the +27 from the Denver outlier and that's still an impressive +17 for the year with the bulk of those third quarters within 5 points plus or minus.

After the jump, a few links of interest from the loss in Boston.