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IC Cold links: Pacers go up 3-0 against struggling Cavaliers

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The Pacers started the weekend desperate for a win, and luckily the Cavaliers were in town to provide the opportunity.  Danny Granger, Roy Hibbert, Brandon Rush and others play very solid games and seemed to be the same team that showed flashes of greatness (compared to where they have been in recent's all relative).  Hopefully, they take that confidence and turn it into a string of W's against solid opponents in the Boston Celtics and New Orleans Hornets who are waiting on deck.

This year we have all grown pretty comfortable with the idea that there is a nice young core group established here now with the Pacers.  You have Darren Collison, Granger, Hibbert, Rush (nice to see that consistency), Paul George, etc.  We are all even looking forward to a summer in which the Pacers may actually pick up somebody other than a stopgap player and could be a part of the young core going forward.

This young core is here and ready for nice additions, but would Mike Dunleavy be someone the Pacers look into resigning past this season?  He has shown he is healthy again and has the capability to still shoot lights out at times and play very smart basketball.  His price tag would be much more manageable, but would it be worth keeping him around?  Mike Wells asks the same question on Indystar, so I thought it would be nice to get even more responses here.  After the jump, fill me in on whether Dunleavy should be around past this year and check out the links of the day.

Box Score

Game Rewind: Pacers 108, Cavs 99

Danny Granger leads Pacers past Cavaliers 108-99 | The Indianapolis Star |
Danny Granger had 30 points and a season-high 12 rebounds to help the Indiana Pacers beat Cleveland 108-99 on Friday night, extending the Cavaliers' losing streak to 10 games.

Pacers end 3-game skid against slumping Cavaliers | The Indianapolis Star |
The Indiana Pacers got the perfect remedy for a losing streak. It came in the form of a road-weary Cleveland Cavaliers team that was on a nine-game losing skid.

Cleveland Cavaliers' positive outlook gets negative result, a 10th straight defeat |
Game recap from Cavs perspective

Recap: Pacers 108, Cavs 99
Another Ohio perspective of last night's game

O’Brien wants Dunleavy back | Pacers Insider | The Indianapolis Star 'Next man up' philosophy paying off

Shooting guard Dunleavy to return?
We have a nice young core in place and could fill in pieces with money opening up this summer, but would you want Dunleavy to be given some of that money?