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IC Cold Links: Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum in town against the Pacers tonight

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The Los Angeles Lakers make a trip to Indy and seek revenge on the Pacers right on cue.  Pacers have been struggling late in a number of areas, but will have Danny Granger back to provide some offensive punch and hopefully another solid outing against the Lakers defensively.

The Lakers are coming off a solid win against the Wizards last night.  Roy Hibbert will look to have a bounce back game, but Pau Gasol will be looking to even the score against big Roy.  Hibbert won the last match up, but will not only have Gasol trying to stop him but will now have Andrew Bynum, who made his return this season against the Wizards last night.

I am optimistic the Pacers can get back on track and will come out fighting tonight, but if they don't come out strong it will be tough to fight their way back against such a deep, strong team.  After the jump check out the links of the day, including a minor trade that sends Joe Smith to LA.