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Stephen Jackson Shares His Regrets About Lost Opportunities With Pacers

While Stephen Jackson was in town last Friday with the Charlotte Bobcats he did a couple of interviews on local radio. Here's an audio link to his chat with Derek Schultz on XL 950 where Derek took Jack down memory lane for his thoughts about returning to Indy and his time here.

He was given plenty of latitude to pass off his role in the craziness that ended up forcing his departure via trade. While Derek stuck to the brawl as the big strike against Jack among locals, Jack himself alludes to the strip club incident which really was the last straw forcing the deal. Have to appreciate his sincere appraisal of what drove him out of town. Here's a few quotes from the interview:

Derek Schultz: Do you have bittersweet feelings coming back here to Indy?

Stephen Jackson: Not really, I think the worst part about it is going back knowing that in my time there I did some good things, but the city was really excited about the team we had and we didn't handle it right. I definitely am upset with how I handled things and upset the fans but at the same time, I enjoyed my time there and love coming back to play there.

Derek Schultz: Do you feel like the fans ultimately misjudged your character because of what happened on that one fateful night?

Stephen Jackson: I can't really say that. My actions, I expect the fans to react the way they react sometimes. We let the city down and everybody was expecting our team to be a championship team and we did some things we shouldn't have done.

Jack was also on 1070 The Fan with JMV last Friday. That interview is transcribed along with audio at Sports Radio Interviews.

Apparently, the Bobcats media relations folks didn't want the interviews to touch on Jackson's recent issues with NBA referees and the technical rules. But the brawl? No problem. I guess that makes sense because an additional fine was on the line for saying the wrong thing about the refs.