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IC Cold Links: Pacers lose to Hawks for eighth straight time

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So, that nervous feeling at the beginning of the season is starting to push its way back into my mindset. All I wanted at the beginning of the season was improvement throughout, but then they started showing the ability to knock off big-time teams. So, it was their fault that I am now dissapointed in the way they have been playing lately. If they would have lost early and been at 500 now I would be very happy!

They have shown big-time ability, but they have also shown signs of youth. Now that we are a couple months into the season, what are your expectations for the end of the season? Have your hopes been squashed because of the recent play (losing 4 out of their last 6)? Let me know what you guys think, or how this season will pan out...

After the jump check out a few links regarding last night's loss...