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Seeking Statistical Queries

Yesterday, I threw together a quick post looking at the Pacers' Offensive and Defensive Ratings with combinations of T.J. Ford, Brandon Rush and James Posey on and off the floor. In the comments, Drakul, asked if it would be possible to find out how many fouls are assessed to the front-court players with Collison or Ford on the floor, as a way of looking at their ability to control dribble penetration.

As I began working on putting that data together I realized this effort was fitting into a common pattern. I've been writing for IndyCornrows for about 7 months now, and as anyone who has read my posts can tell you, I like statistics. Often I receive follow up questions in the comments about different ways of looking at the data. In the past I have been answering those questions in the comments, but the answers likely aren't being seen by everyone who would be interested in them, being that they're buried in the comments. In an effort to to share this information a little more freely, I came up with the idea of including a question and answer from the Cornrows community in each of the Stat of the Week posts on Mondays.

I am not an expert on statistics by any stretch of the imagination. What I do have is a basic understanding of most of the advanced statistics and the time and motivation to put in some grunt work and find an answer. To find an answer for Drakul's question I am currently sifting through play by play logs for the Pacers' first 20 games to find out which point guard was in the game for each of the personal fouls assessed to a Pacers' frontcourt player. It's a tedious process but I have a feeling that whatever is found will be well worth the effort.

If you have a question or some issue you'd like me to look into, send me an email at and include "IndyCornrows Stats Question" in the subject line. Let's all understand this team we root for a little better!