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IC Cold Links: Pacers Back In Action Tonight Against Nuggets

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It's game day, people.

I know, it's been awhile, with three full days off for the Indiana Pacers after their late-game loss to the Milwaukee Bucks last Friday. The blue and gold should be eager to take the court tonight against the Denver Nuggets after stewing in the juices of two straight losses and all of the criticism that brings to the surface.

Execution, more than effort, is the primary concern for the Pacers, a team heading into tonight's game ranked 28th in the league in offensive efficiency. Any defensive progress the Pacers have shown will surely be tested by the Nuggets, who check in as the fourth best offense in the league thus far. Brandon Rush will return to action tonight, with Jim O'Brien talking about a four-man wing rotation, making for a 10-man playing rotation. JOB usually settles into an 8 to 9-man rotation so keep an eye on where the minutes go.

While the Pacers have been at home trying to shore up their deficiencies, the Nuggets have been on the road. Tonight's game will be the Nugg's third in four days, including last night's tough loss at Chicago.  Of course, the last time the Pacers were expecting a weary opponent on the night following a tough loss, they were steamrolled in Philly. No doubt, Carmelo Anthony and the boys will be looking to head back home on a winning note.

After the jump, a few links of interest in advance of the game tonight.